About us
Board Design

 Areas We CAN Help Our Customers

 •   Mostly engaged in Sourcing, Procurement of Standard Products (i.e. Industrial Systems such as Single Board Computer, Workstation, 1U to 4U Rack System, and even components)

•   Negotiating Pricing, Warranty, Delivery Terms with Manufacturers (most of the time, because of our "special" relationships, we can achieve better overall pricing, shorter delivery time and more favorable warranty terms.....)

•   Integrate and perform complete QA/QC Testing In-House (we have a team of dedicated and experienced engineers who are expert at performing standard SOP and engaged in "special“ testing procedures by customer’s requirements...)

•   We are also Microsoft authorized WINDOWS EMBEDDED solution provider.

What CMC Offer ?????

•   Strong procurement capability

•   Full control of hardware

•   24h burn-in in operating

•   Competitive price from world-class manufacturers

•   Assembling and test the PC based on customer’s needs 

•   Offer Parts/Components to customers for project 

•   Leadtime focus

•   Provide a comprehensive range of skills and services to suit your specific needs

•   Quick respond for after sales service

•   Provide Microsoft Windows Embedded software and configuration