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Board Design

Motherboard and Control Card

Advantech is the world-class leading IPC parts manufacturer in Taiwan who is always produce the best quality in verious form factor SBC motherboard, like Mini-ITX, PC 104, Full size CPU card, and Backplane etc. 

IEI is also a world-class IPC parts manufacturer in Taiwan.  they produce the high-end SBC, Add-on-card, and Industrial chassis in the world.

iBASE is one of the leading Industrial components manufacturer in Taiwan who also provide high quality products in Industrial field.

Commell is the manufacturer who produce various good quality Industrial boards and peripheral.  They also produce good Capture and Surveillance products.

Connect Tech is a professional company who design and manufacture high performance multi-port serial adapters, engineering tools, FPGA and Digital I/O products, solid state drives, CAN controller cards, wireless radio modems and Ethernet-to-serial devices for the Industrial and Embedded PC market.


Industrial Power Supply

Compuware is a professional Industrial grade power supply manufacturer.  They produce very good quality power supply in Industrial field and especially in 1U and 2U power supply.

Channel Well Technology is also a professional Industrial  power supply manufacturer.  More than 15 years of experience makes them one of the leading IPC power supply manufacturer.